Building A Foundation – Numeracy

What’s Important?

Building a Foundation Power Point

  Number Sense Games

Buddy Building Games

Using Tools to Build Understanding


Linking to Literature


6 thoughts on “Building A Foundation – Numeracy

  1. Wow Sandra!

    Your new title and job sounds great! What a rewarding position it will be, I’m sure. I’m glad you have a new sense of purpose and have been re-energized.

    What an amazing resource you have provided to us all in your blog. I’m sure it will be used by many of our teachers! So, thank you!

    I will be looking forward to what else you are going to add to your blog.

    Take care, Sandra.
    We look forward to working with you this year!


  2. Hi Sandra,
    Would you be able to post the “shake and spill” and “build it” blackline masters that you talked about at the early numeracy Pro-D on September 24th? Thank you!

  3. I discovered these amazing resources through your co author’s site this summer. This is great stuff I am excited to put into my practice. Thanks for making it so easily accessible here. Karen

  4. Hi Sandra

    I have really appreciated all the workshops you have put together for literacy and numeracy. It is making a HUGE difference in my classroom. I was wondering if you have a master list of what should be included in a student math toolkit? I’d like my students to have all the resources they need at their fingertips without them having to ask me for the materials. Thanks. Marilyn

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