Back to the Basics

Back to Basics Part 1 Brochure

Back to the Basics PowerPoint

Back to the Basics Picture Book List

5 + 5

8.5×11 Jester

Assessment Sheet

Chips Ahoy

Cover up_Doubles

Cover up_Doubles+1Game

Double or half

Double Part-Whole Door Cards

Frosty’s Buttons

Go Fish!

Make 10 Dots

Make 10

Making 10

Making up Tens

Neighbour number houses – large



Skill Boards

Snowmen Doubles Plus One

Three in a Line

Two Away

Two More

Zero the Hero Spinner

Zero the Hero

Part 2

Back to the Basics Part 2

Add 5

Add 8

Addition Tables


Bursting Balloons – Subtract 9

Get to Ten

Gone Bananas – subtract from 20

Gone Fishin – Subtract 8

Hot Air Balloon Heights

School Bus Ten Frames

Take Away 5

Take Away Sheets

Ten More

Tent Cards

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