Back to the Basics

Back to Basics Part 1 Brochure

Back to the Basics PowerPoint

Back to the Basics Picture Book List

5 + 5

8.5×11 Jester

Assessment Sheet

Chips Ahoy

Cover up_Doubles

Cover up_Doubles+1Game

Double or half

Double Part-Whole Door Cards

Frosty’s Buttons

Go Fish!

Make 10 Dots

Make 10

Making 10

Making up Tens

Neighbour number houses – large



Skill Boards

Snowmen Doubles Plus One

Three in a Line

Two Away

Two More

Zero the Hero Spinner

Zero the Hero

Part 2

Back to the Basics Part 2

Add 5

Add 8

Addition Tables


Bursting Balloons – Subtract 9

Get to Ten

Gone Bananas – subtract from 20

Gone Fishin – Subtract 8

Hot Air Balloon Heights

School Bus Ten Frames

Take Away 5

Take Away Sheets

Ten More

Tent Cards

4 thoughts on “Back to the Basics

  1. Hi Sandra;
    This site is a gift, thank you. I do have a question about Skill Boards. Do the children just draw a line between the domino and the correct number of lizards or whatever?

    • Hi Marian,

      No there are many ways of using them.
      1. In partners, one student can roll dice and the other partner can find the quantity on the board no cover it. The first player with…covered wins.
      2. Student draws a numeral card and covers the quantity.
      3. Whole class activity, teacher holds up a quantity (e.g. Numeral, dot card, ten frame) and students cover the corresponding quantity with a counter.

      I don’t put instructions in the cards because the teachers can create a use fro them to be responsive to their students. Make sense?

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