About Me

My name is Sandra Ball and I am the new ‘Inner-City Early Learning Helping Teacher’ in the Surrrey School District #36. As a mother of two wonderful young men and wife to a very supportive husband, I love spending time with family and friends.   I have had the pleasure of teaching children for over 30 years, with most of my experience working with our ‘Early Learners’. I decided to start this Blog to provide an avenue for myself to share ideas, activities, and beliefs with others.   

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Sandra,

    I attended your workshop in Comox in the fall;it was fantastic! I have ordered most of the books your recommended. I teach French immersion and I was wondering if you also have a suggested book list for primary French books relating to numeracy.

    Thanks for your time,

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  3. Your website looks great and I am excited to access some of these things to work with my son over the summer. As a school district SLP, when reading about your literacy centres, I hope we can encourage teachers and staff to have a chat with their SLPs regarding comprehension of what is said to students and the ability to express themselves orally – oral language is such a huge piece of a child’s academic success and is often the precursor to reading and writing. Cheers!

  4. Love your blog! I thought I remember seeing a list of materials to have on hand for setting up provocations for different areas of the math curriculum but now I can’t find it!

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