Daily Math Investigations

Daily Math Investigations powerpoint

Daily Math Investigations Resource

all about number thinking frames

Bursting Bubbles 1-20

Bursting Bubbles 2-12

Cats and Bats

Cuisenaire fill ins

Cuisenaire Rod Frames

Dominoe Dot Train – Level 2

Dominoe Figures – Level 1

Dominoes Equals – Level 3


Giant Cuisenaire Rods

Go Fish!


location spinner

Making 10

Number Tile Puzzles CF

One More

Pattern Blocks

Pentominoes Light Backgrounds

Race to 20

Race to 50

Referent of the day spinners

Skill Boards

Squirrel 10 Frame

Tangram Shapes

Target Domino

Tile the snake pattern block

0-9 Tile Games

1 -100 chart

22 – Halloween Pattern Block Mats

Part 2

DMI Surrey Part 2

Penguin Sums 4 in a Row

Roll and Build a Snowman

Snowman Number Mats

Winter Cuisenaire Rod Shapes

Winter Pattern with letters

Winter Pattern

Winter Tangram Shapes

Skate Off

Roll and Cover the Snowmen

Snowmen Go-Fish

Frosty’s Buttons

1 thought on “Daily Math Investigations

  1. I attended the workshop you presented in Courtenay last fall. It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended and I hope you return for another. I am looking for your book list as I am trying to make connections between numeracy and literacy this year with my students. Also, do you have any book suggestions in French as I teach French immersion. Thanks! Keep up your amazing work!

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