Self-Assessment of Core Competencies


Student self-assessment of the Core Competencies has sparked great interest and discussion across the province.  Over 90 Surrey teachers and 50 Richmond teachers came to learn more about the work of a group of fabulous Surrey Primary teachers. 2

I had the honour of sharing their stories, experiences and students’ examples about reflecting and self-assessing the Core Competencies. We have met several times over the last few years to network, discuss, and develop a story that we wanted to share with our colleagues to help with this journey.

This is an incredible team!  Thanks so much.


I have attached the Power point that shares the journey of this team.  It walks you through the following questions:

  1. How did we start?
  2. What did we do?
  3. How did it evolve?
  4. Where are we now?

We focused on setting the stage by getting  to know your students, developing a community of learners and using explicit Core Competencies language with the students (at a developmentally appropriate level).4

The comparison of ‘reflection and self-assessment’ was such a rich discussion.  We landed in the place with the following:


Here are our thoughts about introducing the Core Competencies to young learners:



Please refer to the Power point to see the wisdom of these teachers and how they bring the Core Competencies alive in their classroom and allow their students to reflect and self-assess.

These are valuable links for additional resources:

Surrey Schools CSL – all videos and resources are found on this link


Surrey Helping Teachers Support

Stay tuned for additional support in the New Year!

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