Number Talks – Big Results in a Small Amount of Time

I am always amazed at the dedication teachers have to attend after school workshops to explore ways to support their students.  Over 90 wonderful teachers gathered together to learn about ‘Number Talks’ on September 26, 2013.


Number Talks is one of the powerful vehicles for helping students to reason with numbers and build a solid foundation for algebraic thinking.  Teaching mathematics as a sense-making process is important for students to understand the math they are doing.  Number Talks is a daily whole group activity that takes 5 – 10 minutes which involves the solving of mental math tasks.   They promote flexibility with numbers, shared learning and increased confidence.  The purpose of Number Talks is to help students develop computational fluency, as well as number sense. We discussed ways to incorporate Number Talks into classrooms and get ‘big results for a small amount of time’ for students.  Please view the presentation and attached resources to gain more information about this simple activity to include in your daily routines.

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2 thoughts on “Number Talks – Big Results in a Small Amount of Time

  1. Hi Sandra,
    Is there supposed to be a link to your presentation and resources on here? I would love to view the presentation if I could. Thanks!

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