Sight Word Safari

Our Safari into Literacy continues.  Today Lillah Martin and I facilitated the next session focused on sight words with over 80 wonderful teachers.  We always admire the dedication of these teachers to attend an after school workshop to network, share ideas and take back ideas to support their students.  Sight words are one of the keys to fluency in reading and writing.  By giving children the opportunity to internalize sight words through explicit teaching and meaningful, engaging practice you are giving them the gift of reading with confidence.  With that confidence, comes the excitement of discovering the meaning of the text and the joy that books can bring. Reading sight words with fluency and ease allows our brains to ponder the more challenging words, make meaning from the text, and feel like a “reader”. Refer to the ‘Sight Word Safari’ page to explore ideas to help your students learn sight words.

Lillah and Sandra2013-01-15 16.01.26


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